15 Years Part Four

These two songs were just put out on beatport by Kyau & Albert and are incredible remixes to older tracks of theirs that have recently been dueling for Record of the Week on TATW. We happened to be just so lucky to see Kyau & Albert when they came to Seattle and performed a free show @ Trinity Nightclub. These two are amazing together and are living proof of why Trance will never get old, especially when tracks like these two keep getting reinvented by other artists.

Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert – Megashira (Ronski Speed Remix)

Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert – Megashira (Ronski Speed Remix)

Kyau & Albert – Walk Down (Blake Jarrell Remix) 


Getting Tranced With Kyau & Albert

Last night we had the pleasure of enjoying a free show with Kyau & Albert at Trinity Nightclub in Seattle, WA.  We have been dying to see the German duo live and were pleasantly surprised by their sudden appearance in our city.  From pumping the crowd up with On the Way, to mellowing it out with the Gabriel & Dresden‘s mix of Andain‘s ‘Promises’ the night was a blissful rollercoaster of uplifting, ethereal sound.

One of the best parts about watching this duo perform, was watching their blatant expression for their love of what they do.  The two were constantly joking, dancing and absolutely LOVING every second of their set.  Not only did their enthusiasm radiate, but the crowd fed off of their energy throughout the night.

Enjoy your little dose of happiness: On The Way (Euphonic)