Get Through A Wednesday Our Way

Everyone enjoys having, or listening to new music and that’s because many songs can easily be played to the point of nauseousness. At this blog we  pride ourselves on never leaving an iPod/iTunes without new tracks to be played. Not just new tracks, but songs with the capability to keep you coming back for more! This Wednesday lineup appears to have all that

I truly am a fan of all these songs and like the hard-hitting Progressive House of Beta to the slower Tech/Deep House of Buoyancy all the way to the continuous Drum & Bass flow of Slaughter House (TC Remix). Whatever your favorite genre of EDM may be, there is a track for you here.

UPDATED 6:00 PM Wednesday:

With Wednesday just about over, why don’t we ‘Shake It Out’!? Here’s Benny Benassi’s take on how Florence and the Machine sound when headed out to the club (with some added bass drops of course).


Future Folk

Tommy Trash is set to drop his second hit of the year with the song ‘Future Folk’ under the Musical Freedom banner/label. Now mind you this is only a preview for the song, but I’ve already noticed some similarities to effects he’s used in ‘The End’. Hopefully the full version of the song is a bit different than that tune, but we’ll see when it’s released on the 28th of September.