58 Degrees

There are very few artists that test the waters by giving their music out for free while still being able to keep their overhead costs covered, but those who are able to should be applauded. Pretty Lights is an apparent name in the category of ‘free music’ because he offers everything he creates in the studio for free on his website. Recently Tigran MiMOSA joined the ranks with the free release of his EP ‘58 Degrees’. This is a killer EP from the artists and leaves us with plenty of excitement for his new album, ‘Sanctuary’, due out on the 25th of October. Sadly this album won’t be free, but for him to even offer up the EP for no cost to us is an act of kindness that many fans gladly tip their wallets to!

58 Degrees:

Also a preview of his brand-new song ‘Sanctuary’: 

Wanna go back?

“you can post biaatch!”

Sadly, time turners still don’t exist, but don’t fret…we’ve found the next best thing. As you all know ID was mind blowing in all the right ways. Check out dis Post-Identity Mix to take you back to the time of glitter, dirt, and bass. Eat it up yo


Get your fix here Post-Identity Mix by GravityLift

New Music For Your Saturday

The title really says it all for this post and that’s exactly what we’re giving to all you fiends out there. We have a bunch of new beats from a wide range of artists on this rainy Saturday evening, so check it!

The first song is an excellent remix done by Hardwell to ‘In The Air’ —Off the new Morgan Page EP ‘In The Air’–.

After having just come back from seeing Pretty Lights absolutely KILL @ The Gorge, well this song had to be put up.

This is a MONSTER of a remix from Tim Mason, with a lot of hard drops and all the right ingredients for non-stop dancing on the floor.

Sander van Doorn does it right with the song ‘Eagles’ and I couldn’t be happier that he added Adrian Lux on this track. It makes for an amazing collaboration and simply gets us more excited for Sander’s new album, ‘Eleve11′ .

The last song is just as joyous as the previous, but will bring up your spirits none the less and is totally worth the download.

Identity Fest: If Words Could Describe

If words could describe how absolutely EPIC Identity Festival was, we would love to use them to give you a detailed explanation.  Unfortunately, between Nero, Kaskade, Rusko, The Disco Biscuits, and Pretty Lights, our state of  mind is still blown away, leaving us with nothing to do but smile.  For those of you that were fortunate enough to attend Identity Fest– you know what we mean.  For everyone else- you’re in luck!  The great success of this years FIRST ever Identity has sealed the deal, and proven that the world of EDM is definitely on the rise.

Although we would have loved to have seen less commercialization of the event, we were stoked on the turnout.  Hopefully as Identity Fest grows, it will not focus as much on revenue from material sales, and will be able to focus much more on the music itself.  For those of us that live for the music, even the first year left us completely satisfied.  Our MASSIVE compilation of photos and videos documenting the weekend will be up soon, in the meantime, here is a little preview of Pretty Lights absolutely slaying it.  Like we said…..words can’t describe.