Sound The Alarm(a)!


A couple of months ago we posted about keeping an eye on the two brothers…Well here comes the ‘Alarma‘!  Not only have these two successfully started up their own record label with ‘Smash The House’, but they’ve also set the release of their new song to be its inaugural one. Here’s a little teaser of it that the two put out on SoundCloud earlier today:


We also have another brand SPANKING new preview of a song from Adrian Lux, which appears to be an incredible track from only hearing around a minute of it! The vocal support by Brit, Sarah McIntosh, gives this track a beautiful feel to it, but also shows a different, more trance-like sound from Adrian. This song, simply put, is astounding and the full-release is available on BeatPort here – ‘Alive’


check preview of the track here:

Future Folk

Tommy Trash is set to drop his second hit of the year with the song ‘Future Folk’ under the Musical Freedom banner/label. Now mind you this is only a preview for the song, but I’ve already noticed some similarities to effects he’s used in ‘The End’. Hopefully the full version of the song is a bit different than that tune, but we’ll see when it’s released on the 28th of September.

Throw Up The Double L’s

Because Laidback Luke is at it again! This song has been popping up all over the web, but has only been the live rips of the song. Well today we just so happened to get our hands on the official version of his remix for ‘Brand New Bitch’ and as always Luke brings his A game. For anyone who doesn’t know his music, this is a great introductory song and gives you a taste of what he has to offer. For those who already know, well I don’t have to say more. Enjoy!

I Predict An ‘Earthquake’

When I say that I mean that this song drops fat BASS that could actually cause a minor earthquake. If this song were to played at loud volume on something other than my laptop speakers, then it’s very possible to do just that to your house, car, and/or anything else with the proper equipment.

Labrinth feat. Tinie Tempah – Earthquake (Noisia Remix)


Rumors have it that this track is a new Afrojack one while others say it is Quintino’s new song “The One and the Only” we’ll update you guys as soon as we know! But for now just take a listen….


And the new video for ‘The Way We See The World’ :


Turn It Down

But actually turn it UP! Another great song that Kaskade has concocted while touring with the States’ with the largest electronic-only festival, Identity. We truly can’t reiterate enough how excited we are to hear Kaskade live @ The Gorge. This tune has a very Tegan & Sara feel to it, but with that Midas touch that can only be linked to one of the States best DJ/Producers (if not THE best). Hope you all enjoy this song, wherever your Friday takes you.

Teaser of Steve Aoki – Earthquakey People

Steve Aoki just released a teaser of his new single Earthquakey People, which is due out in a couple of months. The release of his single will be followed up with the release of his new album by the turn of the new-year. The track features Rivers Cuomo (from Weezer) for the vocals and Aoki also states that there’ll be a dubstep version of this track on the new album too. We look forward to hearing it, but for now enjoy the teaser!

UPDATE – Live version being played @ IdentityFest:

Skrillex – Right Here

Tried to find a link for this song on YouTube, but that was a total fail and all I could find was some studio versions… Luckily there were some good folks over at HypeMachine that had the studio version up, so if you hop on over to this link and check out some fresh Skrillex — Right Here (Studio Version)

Skrillex just posted his DJ Playlist for August 2011 on iTunes that has some hard-hitting beats from artists like: Emalkay, Foreign Beggars, Caspa, and Excision (who was just in Seattle opening for Deadmau5). Skrillex has already dropped most of the songs on The Mothership Episode 1, but it’s still worthwhile to check this list out if you were having trouble figure those songs out.

Skrillex — August 2011 Playlist

While I was creeping around on HypeMachine I found an awesome mashup of Adele  Set Fire to The Rain and Skrillex  Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix). This is definitely worth your time to check out, so enjoy!