Moombahton is a genre that is touch and go for many people, but in recent times it has been on quite the rise!  This is the sound you can’t help but move to.  The future says it all: 108bpm for the win.

Some fun facts about the good ol Moombah:

The original Moombahton tracks feature not only the standard moombahton 108 BPMs but also 1.) chopped vocals, 2.) layered acapellas, 3.) extended and enhanced build-ups, as well as the introduction of 4.) new drums and percussion elements

Renegade Rasta | South Rakkas Crew

Can You Hear That #Moombahton Seattle?

Moombahton is just starting out as a new genre of music in the EDM community, but is already being played by some big names in the biz like: Diplo (Major Lazer), Dillon Francis, and Skrillex. If you’ve yet to listen to Moombahton, then I suggest you test it out on this track that’s being called the anthem for the genre.

Dillon Francis & Diplo feat. Maluca – Que Que (Torro Torro Remix)