I think not! Especially when you fuse some Drum & Bass with a little 2-Step, then you get this track from Delta Heavy (which is very fitting given their name with the hard bass drops and DnB progression of the song). Just a little something to spice up your Wednesday and feed the palette just what it has been craving.


If there is any ‘change in the air’, then it would have to be from this new remix of Morgan Page‘s track ‘In The Air’ by Mord Fustang. Just one of the many reasons for loving the EDM scene is when tracks like this surface! Mord Fustang puts out an insane mix of a song you may love, or hate, and adds a completely unique feel to the track. This will do a lot of Morgan Page fans justice as well, so don’t just kick it to the back-burner and check it now!

In the Air Tour

The writers of #edmNATION have had the privilege of seeing Morgan Page live (I actually go to meet him!) and trust all of us when we tell you he is NOT to be missed.  So mark your calendars because Morgan Page is hitting the road this fall/winter! 

Tracks featured:

1. Morgan Page, Sultan + Ned Shepard, & BT – “In the Air” feat. Angela McCluskey (Hardwell Remix)

2. Morgan Page feat. Tegan & Sara – “Body Work” (Lazy Rich Remix)

3. Morgan Page, Andy Caldwell, & Jonathan Mendolsohn – “Where Did You Go”


October 06, 2011 Baltimore, MD @ Mosaic
October 07, 2011 Pittsburgh, PA @ Static
October 08, 2011 Dallas, TX @ Zouk
October 13, 2011 San Diego, CA @ Fluxx +
October 15, 2011 Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon Hollywood ++
October 21, 2011 Scottsdale, AZ @ Axis-Radius
October 22, 2011 Las Vegas, NV @ RAIN at Palms Casino Resort ^
October 28, 2011 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot
October 29, 2011 New Orleans, LA @ Ampersand
November 04, 2011 Orlando, FL @ Vain +++
November 05, 2011 Chicago, IL @ Enclave ^
November 10, 2011 Philadelphia, PA @ Rumors
November 11, 2011 Charlotte, NC @ Phoenix +++
November 12, 2011 Minneapolis, MN @ The Lounge
November 17, 2011 Denver, CO @ Beta
November 19, 2011 Vancouver, BC @ Commodore ^^
November 25, 2011 Edmonton, ON @ Empire Ballroom +++
November 26, 2011 Calgary, AB @ The Whiskey +++
December 01, 2011 Columbus, OH @ Long Street District
December 02, 2011 Detroit, MI @ Bleu
December 03, 2011 Tampa, FL @ Amphitheatre
December 09, 2011 Boston, MA @ The Estate
December 15, 2011 Albuquerque, NM @ Effex Nightclub
December 16, 2011 Houston, TX @ Rich’s
December 17, 2011 Portland, OR @ Bohemian Warehouse
December 20, 2011 Las Vegas, NV @ Moon at Palms Casino
December 31, 2011 Washington, DC @ FUR
January 07, 2012 Miami Beach, FL @ The Wall

There are MORE dates to be announced!

+ with Jonathan Mendelsohn & Angela McCluskey
++ with Sultan + Ned, Andy Caldwell, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Angela McCluskey, & Special Guest
^ with Andy Caldwell, Jonathan Mendelsohn, & Angela McCluskey
+++ with Bass Kleph
^^ with Bass Kleph, Jonathan Mendelsohn, & Angela McCluskey


New Music For Your Saturday

The title really says it all for this post and that’s exactly what we’re giving to all you fiends out there. We have a bunch of new beats from a wide range of artists on this rainy Saturday evening, so check it!

The first song is an excellent remix done by Hardwell to ‘In The Air’ —Off the new Morgan Page EP ‘In The Air’–.

After having just come back from seeing Pretty Lights absolutely KILL @ The Gorge, well this song had to be put up.

This is a MONSTER of a remix from Tim Mason, with a lot of hard drops and all the right ingredients for non-stop dancing on the floor.

Sander van Doorn does it right with the song ‘Eagles’ and I couldn’t be happier that he added Adrian Lux on this track. It makes for an amazing collaboration and simply gets us more excited for Sander’s new album, ‘Eleve11′ .

The last song is just as joyous as the previous, but will bring up your spirits none the less and is totally worth the download.