Do The Dada

Sadly, when we hit Global Dance Festival on our road trip to Colorado,  there were many DJ’s that had overlapping set times, so we struggled with the decision to try and catch Dada Life or stick with our man Avicii.  Even though we went with Avicii, our luck has paid off and it seems that Dada Life has found their way to us!  This Halloween, several months after Global Dance, FreakNight at WaMu Theater will be boasting a hefty lineup that includes Dada Life. Although the whole lineup is absolutely BANANAS we were ecstatic to see Dada on the bill! Many show-goers may not know the group Dada Life, however this pair brings about a frenzy at any show they play, whether that be champagne blasting into the crowd, their rowdy stage antics, or their dark Electro-House bangers. These guys are just the fit for FreakNight, so let us bring you up with some tracks/videos that display just how creepily amazing they are.

Note: ‘Let’s Get Bleeped Tonight’ and ‘Unleash The Fucking Dada’ exemplify Dada’s signature horror factor

These guys love to hype their crowds up.  If you still don’t agree with me saying that this duo is BANANAS, then check out this video from a live show turned music video for the song ‘Happy Violence’.

How could you even attempt to follow something like that?  How about with a teaser of their vocal version of the song that was just captured from the historic College Invasion Tour show put on at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA.

(The singer on the track hasn’t been identified yet, but we have a sneaking suspicion that it’s Nervo from the sounds of it.)

The set that’s going to be put on by these two is sure to be high energy, highly insane, and perfectly fitting for this years FreakNight. We’ll be sure to catch a front row seat for the champagne shower and have plenty of bananas as retaliatory ammunition!