Oh Those Savory Swedes…

Here in Seattle the persistent grey can really take a toll on our moods! Thank God for EDM to lift the spirits and kickstart energy levels! No one group of djs is better at helping me cope with the gloom than Swedish House Mafia.  Their album ‘Until One’ is a little over a year old but still absolutely incredible.

  1. Miami 2 Ibiza
  2. Miami 2 Ibiza (Instrumental)
  3. Reach Out (Original Mix)/ You Got the Love ft. Candi Stanton
  4. Leave The World Behind ft. Deborah Cox
  5. Nothing But Love (Remode)
  6. Valodja (Original Mix)
  7. In The Air ft. Rudy [Axwell Remix]
  8. Kidsos (Original Mix)/ We Are Your Friends (Original Mix)
  9. Walk With Me (Axwell vs. Daddy’s Groove Remix)
  10. Tivoli (Original Mix)/Walking On A Dream
  11. Satisfaction (Isak Original Extended)
  12. Show Me Love ft. Robin S.
  13. KNAS
  14. Meich (Original Mix)/Clocks
  15. How Soon Is Now (Extended) ft. Julie McKnight
  16. Swedish Beauty/Diamond Life ft. Julie McKnight
  17. Tell Me Why
  18. Teenage Crime (Axwell & Henrik B Remode)
  19. Monday (Original Mix)
  20. Silvia (Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South Remix)
  21. I Found U (Remode) ft. Max’C
  22. One More Time
  23. One (Original Mix)
  24. One (Your Name) (Vocal Mix) ft. Pharrell

“I wanna know your name.”

ATB: A Trance Legend

The shockingly beautiful and warm day in Seattle had me reminiscing about summer and one track that was constantly on repeat for my summer season playlist was ATB’s “What About Us”.  ATB aka Andre Tanneberger is a German dj and producer and truly an accomplished trance legend.  ATB has been involved in the music industry since 1992, but began pursuing a solo endeavor in 1999.  Since then he has released an incredible NINE albums and is truly a godfather of trance and has been an innovator in the edm world and an inspiration to artists globally.

I had the pleasure of seeing ATB at Ultra this past March and his set is absolutely mind-blowing and soul-crushing in all the best ways.  Listen yourself!

A State of Trance 500 in Miami at Ultra Music Festival


01. ATB – Ecstasy (Special US Intro Mix)
02. First State feat. Sarah Howells – Reverie (First State’s Pounding Club Mix)
03. Estiva – Festival (Original Mix)
04. Jaco – Excuses (Original Mix)
05. ID
06. Rammstein – Du Hast (Gerayd Remix)
07. Ultra Dj’s – Me & You (Ernesto vs. Bastian Mix)
08. ATB feat. Melissa Loretta – ID
09. MuseArtic – Last Saturday (Original Mix)
10. ID
11. Anton Firtich pres. AF Project – Something Wrong (Original Mix)
12. ID
13. ATB – LA Nights (Original Mix)
14. ATB – What About Us (Original Mix)

I have included the tracks for two of ATB’s albums No Silence (2004) and Distant Earth (2011) – which was released just this past spring! Also, a remixed album of Distant Earth was JUST released in mid September.  Just click for selected downloads!

No Silence:

1. Ecstasy // 2. Marrakech // 3. The Autumn Leaves // 4. Here With Me // 5. Black Nights //6. Mysterious Skies//7. Collides With Beauty//8. Sun Goes Down//9. After The Flame//10. IntenCity//11. Eternal Swells//12. Wait For Your Heart//13. Circular Symetry

Distant Earth:

1. Twisted Love ft. Christina Soto (Distant Earth Vocal Version) // 2. Gold ft. Jansoon//3. All I Need Is You ft. Sean Ryan//4. If It’s Love ft. Melissa Loretta//5. Move On ft. JanSoon//6. Chapter One w/ Josh Gallahan//7. Heartbeat ft. Melissa Loretta//8. Killing Me Inside ft. Sean Ryan//9. Apollo Road w/ Dash Berlin//10. Running a Wrong Way w/ Rea Garvey//11. Where Are You ft. Kate Louise Smith//12. This Is Your Life ft. Fuldner//13. One More ft. Christina Soto//14. White Letters ft. Melissa Loretta//15. Vice Versa//16. Magnetic Girl//17. Be Like You ft. JanSoon//18. Moments In Peace//19. Moving Backwards ft. Kate Louise Smith//20. Distant Earth//21. Trinity//22. City of Hope//23. Expanded Perception//24. Sternwanderer ft. Anova//25. Orbit

Lastly, the YouTube video for “What About Us” – a fun, high energy track!

ATB’s Facebook//Twitter

Fire & Ice

It’s always a good sign when you watch a teaser trailer and it sends shivers of excitement down your spine. I’m sure many of you know this familiar feeling and that it usually corresponds with something so irresistible that you can’t wait any longer for it. Kaskade has always been an artist at the pinnacle of DJing and producing here in the states. Always pushing his music to reach for greatness, while shaping the entire EDM community with the quality of his tracks. The album, ‘Fire & Ice’, is set to release on iTunes the 25th of October and will surely help to get us through the Winter season.

‘This album represents the last ten years of my career, all the miles traveled, the shows that I’ve played, the people that I’ve met, and the memories I’ve made.’ – Kaskade

Can’t get enough? Yeah, neither can we! Here’s a little more from Kaskade in the studio. He gives the audience a feel of how much really went into this album and also the many fantastic collaborations that are going to be incorporated into this double-disc release.

58 Degrees

There are very few artists that test the waters by giving their music out for free while still being able to keep their overhead costs covered, but those who are able to should be applauded. Pretty Lights is an apparent name in the category of ‘free music’ because he offers everything he creates in the studio for free on his website. Recently Tigran MiMOSA joined the ranks with the free release of his EP ‘58 Degrees’. This is a killer EP from the artists and leaves us with plenty of excitement for his new album, ‘Sanctuary’, due out on the 25th of October. Sadly this album won’t be free, but for him to even offer up the EP for no cost to us is an act of kindness that many fans gladly tip their wallets to!

58 Degrees:

Also a preview of his brand-new song ‘Sanctuary’: 

Leaving Earth

So I was listening to the latest Trance Around the World (#393) with Above and Beyond and one track DEFINITELY got my attention that being Stoneface and Terminal’s latest “Leaving Earth”.  This track was JUST released MONDAY.  If you are a trance lover or just a fan of epic sound then give this track a listen.  I also discovered that Stoneface and Terminal have a FREE podcast called Euphonic Sessions.

Stoneface and Terminal’s YouTube Channel 

Stoneface and Terminal’s Twitter

Stoneface and Terminal’s Facebook Page

Stoneface and Terminal’s Beatport 

Check out some of their other unbelievably addictive trance tracks…

Time to Wait

Don’t Give a Fuck 







Cross The Line

I’ve found myself getting more and more into drum & bass in the past couple of months and I guess the real question is how could you not? Today Camo & Krooked just released their brand SPANKING new album across the pond in Europe and the teaser only leaves me salivating for MORE! These two Austrians will successfully bring any house down and then some… Here are a couple of videos that I found up on YouTube that are a must watch. The first one being their album debut show last week @ Brixton Academy and the second their ‘Cross The Line’ album teaser.

‘Cross The Line is everything you’d expect and more from the Viennese pair; a fourteen-track roller-coaster ride of emotions, veering between polished vocal-led beauties to filthy tear-out monsters, which firmly establishes Camo & Krooked outside the D+B sphere, as they delve into dubstep, drumstep, electro-house and everything in between.’ – UKF 

This only leaves me with one question… when are these two coming to Seattle!?!?

ATB – Heartbeat

Well ATB never ceases to amaze! He recently put out the album ‘Distant Earth’ and as of the 16th he’s put out the Remixed version of the album. I know that I say this about a lot of the music that I put up here (because I believe it), but this track is simply gorgeous! The vocal support and how ATB remixed this track make for something beautiful indeed.

Gemini Releases Graduation EP

With a lot of buzz around the upcoming album releases of some of the top DJ’s in the biz, it’s easy to forget about some of the communities up-and-comers. Yesterday Gemini released his new EP entitled ‘Graduation’. This is an incredible song alone, but with the music video that accompanies it, well there is a transformation into something truly beautiful. There isn’t any lacking with the other tracks on the EP either and is definitely worth a listen.

The tracklist is (youtube videos are in order):


‘Feel Me’




Sander van Doorn Announces World Tour!

Two days after the release of his album ‘Eleve11, Sander van Doorn announces that he will be going on a World Tour. I’ve purchased the album and it’s absolutely brilliant! From the opening song of  ‘Love is Darkness’, all the way to the bonus track of ‘Kitten‘. This is a well-timed tour announcement indeed and is sure to be heavily attended globally. He will eventually be landing near Seattle and visiting our neighbors to the North for a show in Vancouver (one that Electro Nation most definitely plans on attending). 

Cognitive Dissonance

There’s only two more days left until the new Wolfgang Gartner album drops and we can’t wait to hear what other tracks he’s  added besides ‘Cognitive Dissonance’. The album —Weekend In America– is surely going to be incredible and we look forward to Joey getting some more studio time after what has seemed like nonstop touring.