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So I was driving around listening to Gareth Emery’s Electric Zoo set (which is altogether phenomenal!download link in previous E Zoo posts) and there is one track I can NOT get outta my head.  From the first few seconds of the song I was hooked and I can bet you will be too.

Gareth Emery and Ben Gold’s “Flash”  >>>>> Download this track!

Here We Go

If this track doesn’t send shivers down your spine I would be highly concerned.  From the graceful piano to the dreamy voice of Hannah Ray, this track is sure to be a favorite of trance lovers everywhere.  Masoud is a relatively new dj, discovered only two years ago by Andy Moor.  Are you ready? because Here We Go….

Without You

There have been some mixed emotions in the edm world concerning David Guetta’s new track ‘Without You’ featuring Usher.  I, being a sucker for the sound of Usher’s voice quickly fell in love with this track and of course Armin’s remix is beautiful.  Now you be the judge!

Armin’s remix: 

The Original: 

Full on Ferry London

Who wants to celebrate New Year’s Eve in London with Ferry Corsten? Yeah that’s what I thought…

Check out Ferry’s big announcement:

“Full On Ferry London New Year’s Eve is going to be a spectacular show.  I have invited quite a number of guests, djs, friends of mine… and I am going to be playing back to back with all of them, so it’s going to be a spectacular night and the lineup will be announced shortly.”

ATB: A Trance Legend

The shockingly beautiful and warm day in Seattle had me reminiscing about summer and one track that was constantly on repeat for my summer season playlist was ATB’s “What About Us”.  ATB aka Andre Tanneberger is a German dj and producer and truly an accomplished trance legend.  ATB has been involved in the music industry since 1992, but began pursuing a solo endeavor in 1999.  Since then he has released an incredible NINE albums and is truly a godfather of trance and has been an innovator in the edm world and an inspiration to artists globally.

I had the pleasure of seeing ATB at Ultra this past March and his set is absolutely mind-blowing and soul-crushing in all the best ways.  Listen yourself!

A State of Trance 500 in Miami at Ultra Music Festival


01. ATB – Ecstasy (Special US Intro Mix)
02. First State feat. Sarah Howells – Reverie (First State’s Pounding Club Mix)
03. Estiva – Festival (Original Mix)
04. Jaco – Excuses (Original Mix)
05. ID
06. Rammstein – Du Hast (Gerayd Remix)
07. Ultra Dj’s – Me & You (Ernesto vs. Bastian Mix)
08. ATB feat. Melissa Loretta – ID
09. MuseArtic – Last Saturday (Original Mix)
10. ID
11. Anton Firtich pres. AF Project – Something Wrong (Original Mix)
12. ID
13. ATB – LA Nights (Original Mix)
14. ATB – What About Us (Original Mix)

I have included the tracks for two of ATB’s albums No Silence (2004) and Distant Earth (2011) – which was released just this past spring! Also, a remixed album of Distant Earth was JUST released in mid September.  Just click for selected downloads!

No Silence:

1. Ecstasy // 2. Marrakech // 3. The Autumn Leaves // 4. Here With Me // 5. Black Nights //6. Mysterious Skies//7. Collides With Beauty//8. Sun Goes Down//9. After The Flame//10. IntenCity//11. Eternal Swells//12. Wait For Your Heart//13. Circular Symetry

Distant Earth:

1. Twisted Love ft. Christina Soto (Distant Earth Vocal Version) // 2. Gold ft. Jansoon//3. All I Need Is You ft. Sean Ryan//4. If It’s Love ft. Melissa Loretta//5. Move On ft. JanSoon//6. Chapter One w/ Josh Gallahan//7. Heartbeat ft. Melissa Loretta//8. Killing Me Inside ft. Sean Ryan//9. Apollo Road w/ Dash Berlin//10. Running a Wrong Way w/ Rea Garvey//11. Where Are You ft. Kate Louise Smith//12. This Is Your Life ft. Fuldner//13. One More ft. Christina Soto//14. White Letters ft. Melissa Loretta//15. Vice Versa//16. Magnetic Girl//17. Be Like You ft. JanSoon//18. Moments In Peace//19. Moving Backwards ft. Kate Louise Smith//20. Distant Earth//21. Trinity//22. City of Hope//23. Expanded Perception//24. Sternwanderer ft. Anova//25. Orbit

Lastly, the YouTube video for “What About Us” – a fun, high energy track!

ATB’s Facebook//Twitter

Mixmash Records

On the subject of Laidback Luke, I want to take a moment to talk about Mixmash Records.  It is an independent music label that began in 2004, primarily focused on Laidback Luke’s music.  Under Laidback Luke’s direction this international label has the reputation of releasing trendsetting and cutting edge music that cannot be defined by any one genre.  This label boasts tracks and support from Tiesto, Avicii, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Steve Angello, Tocadisco and many more.

If you are an aspiring artist you can also send off your demos to Mixmash HERE.

Subscribing to their YouTube channel will not disappoint….

Also be sure to check out Mixmash’s website, facebook, twitter, and soundcloud. 

Rain Over Me Natural Disaster

Laidback Luke uploaded two tracks to his SoundCloud today, his track ‘Natural Disaster’ with Example and also a NEW track a remix of ‘Rain Over Me’ by Pitbull and Marc Anthony.

I have ANOTHER treat for you guys which is an interview with Example and Laidback Luke answering questions from YOU GUYS! (Their fans of course!)

If you want more Laidback Luke and Example check out a mini documentary with them in Ibiza (it does feature some of the same material as in the interview but VERY worth the watch!)

Lastly, check out the ‘Natural Disaster’ official video….


In the Air Tour

The writers of #edmNATION have had the privilege of seeing Morgan Page live (I actually go to meet him!) and trust all of us when we tell you he is NOT to be missed.  So mark your calendars because Morgan Page is hitting the road this fall/winter! 

Tracks featured:

1. Morgan Page, Sultan + Ned Shepard, & BT – “In the Air” feat. Angela McCluskey (Hardwell Remix)

2. Morgan Page feat. Tegan & Sara – “Body Work” (Lazy Rich Remix)

3. Morgan Page, Andy Caldwell, & Jonathan Mendolsohn – “Where Did You Go”


October 06, 2011 Baltimore, MD @ Mosaic
October 07, 2011 Pittsburgh, PA @ Static
October 08, 2011 Dallas, TX @ Zouk
October 13, 2011 San Diego, CA @ Fluxx +
October 15, 2011 Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon Hollywood ++
October 21, 2011 Scottsdale, AZ @ Axis-Radius
October 22, 2011 Las Vegas, NV @ RAIN at Palms Casino Resort ^
October 28, 2011 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot
October 29, 2011 New Orleans, LA @ Ampersand
November 04, 2011 Orlando, FL @ Vain +++
November 05, 2011 Chicago, IL @ Enclave ^
November 10, 2011 Philadelphia, PA @ Rumors
November 11, 2011 Charlotte, NC @ Phoenix +++
November 12, 2011 Minneapolis, MN @ The Lounge
November 17, 2011 Denver, CO @ Beta
November 19, 2011 Vancouver, BC @ Commodore ^^
November 25, 2011 Edmonton, ON @ Empire Ballroom +++
November 26, 2011 Calgary, AB @ The Whiskey +++
December 01, 2011 Columbus, OH @ Long Street District
December 02, 2011 Detroit, MI @ Bleu
December 03, 2011 Tampa, FL @ Amphitheatre
December 09, 2011 Boston, MA @ The Estate
December 15, 2011 Albuquerque, NM @ Effex Nightclub
December 16, 2011 Houston, TX @ Rich’s
December 17, 2011 Portland, OR @ Bohemian Warehouse
December 20, 2011 Las Vegas, NV @ Moon at Palms Casino
December 31, 2011 Washington, DC @ FUR
January 07, 2012 Miami Beach, FL @ The Wall

There are MORE dates to be announced!

+ with Jonathan Mendelsohn & Angela McCluskey
++ with Sultan + Ned, Andy Caldwell, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Angela McCluskey, & Special Guest
^ with Andy Caldwell, Jonathan Mendelsohn, & Angela McCluskey
+++ with Bass Kleph
^^ with Bass Kleph, Jonathan Mendelsohn, & Angela McCluskey


Leaving Earth

So I was listening to the latest Trance Around the World (#393) with Above and Beyond and one track DEFINITELY got my attention that being Stoneface and Terminal’s latest “Leaving Earth”.  This track was JUST released MONDAY.  If you are a trance lover or just a fan of epic sound then give this track a listen.  I also discovered that Stoneface and Terminal have a FREE podcast called Euphonic Sessions.

Stoneface and Terminal’s YouTube Channel 

Stoneface and Terminal’s Twitter

Stoneface and Terminal’s Facebook Page

Stoneface and Terminal’s Beatport 

Check out some of their other unbelievably addictive trance tracks…

Time to Wait

Don’t Give a Fuck 







The Power of Music

“As we see the joy being expressed in others we realize it is safe to let our guards down and let that same joy which animates us come out and this gives us the strength, the juice, to go back into our lives into the struggles of living in this world with our cores nurtured and restored.”

I am a huge fan of TED talks – which is basically a forum for all sorts of people to come together to share ideas.  On that note, a friend of mine stumbled upon a TED talks that goes in depth about transitional festivals and rave culture.  It is an absolutely incredible talk that hypothesizes that the ritual of dancing outside until dawn actually is a process of healing, a spiritual and community endeavor and something absolutely en-grained in our history and essential for today’s population.  So with that I will leave you with the video and below I will post a chunk of Jeet Kei Leung’s talk….

“The power of music….which we typically classify as entertainment or leisure activity in our society, but the power of music to consistently create new culture where there was none before.  New forms of music emerge, they articulate, evoke something essential about the human experience and around that humans cluster and form culture or more properly subculture with shared values, practices, codes, aesthetics, identity, world-view and story.  In this way music continues to speak to the deepest spirit of what it is to be human.  That insistent thirst for more freedom, more expression to push against the boundaries.  So in the example we are talking about today this first started with the tools for the new music.  These were samplers, synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, digital effects.  While initially dismissed as passing fads, as pale replicas of the real thing, in fact these were new models of working with frequencies, intended to be transmitted through a new breed of full spectrum sound systems, in the hands of humans these tools birthed electronic dance music.  Where layers of hypnotic and funky rhythm and bass and melody and effects were woven to induce an ecstatic state that is less about the human stories sung of love and loss and more about some shared psychic space, some primordial remembrance, perhaps, of the telepathy we experienced back when we were all fish swimming in unison and now the music is our ocean.  So for the post war generations it was rock and roll that burst forth with spontaneous wildness and possibility and broke the choke-hold of Puritan, Protestant paradigm on Western culture, but when rave culture birthed out of electronic dance music, what this represented through a new generation, first in the UK, and the east coast of America and then the world was nothing less than the full return of the ecstatic tradition into Western culture, and where as rock had retained the idolatry of the band as quasi religious spectacle, rave tended to emphasize the communal and participatory nature of the dance, trance ritual.  And when we take a look, do a little research, we find out that in fact, this is the oldest way of being….used for spiritual and shamanic practices among countless cultures for time immemorial, some suggest perhaps the roots of religion itself.  An ethnographic study conducted in 1962, found that 92% of small-scale societies encouraged some kind of ecstatic trance, most often through prolonged dancing or chanting.