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We will never forget when this track was first dropped.  This is one of 2011’s EDM anthems and even though it was released a while ago, the music video is fairly new.  We love Nadia AliStarkillers and Alex Kenji‘s perfect compilation of sound.  The wind tunnel, lights, shadows and of course, Nadia Ali combine perfectly.


Afrojack keeps getting better and better, throwing down some of the heaviest new tracks.  We can’t wait to see what 2012 brings, especially with a preview of one of his newer tracks ‘Lionheart’.

Afrojack | Lionheart

 Even though this is just a preview, when the final version is released, we know we’ll be in for some hard hitting sound.  In the meantime enjoy this, and start drooling for whats next.


Big Bad Avicii

This Halloween season, it seems everyone is throwing out remixes of Duck Sauce‘s ‘Big Bad Wolf‘.  One of our favorites to surface is DJ Woo Wee’s mashup of Avicii‘s ‘Levels’ and ‘Big Bad Wolf’.  Spooky?  Not so much, but then again, it beats Christmas music which is just around the corner!

DJ Woo Wee |The Big Bad Wolf/Levels Edit

FreakNight 2011: A Night of Musical Mayhem

When explaining FreakNight 2011 to others, you find yourself stumbling for the correct words to adequately sum up this night of perfection. Incredible, mind-blowing, everything you ever wanted and more…the list goes on and on.  With a sold out attendance of 15,000 people, Seattle‘s WaMu Theater found itself engulfed in a night of musical mayhem.  To all of you that missed October 28th’s madness: THIS IS FREAKNIGHT2011.

An interactive production put on by Seattle’s USC Events, FreakNight 2011 stunned the Northwest with a hefty lineup featuring artists such as Tiesto, Dada Life, Cosmic Gate Felix Cartal, Feed Me, Pendulum, The Japanese Popstars and more.  Unfortunately featured artist Doctor P dropped out at the last minute due to personal conflicts and a number of cancelled shows.  Despite that, the night still proved to be more than successful.

From carnival rides, to game booths, to free swag and interactive circus performances.  Fire spinners, acrobats, trampolines, bumping lego trucks, costume contests, rock walls, endless bars and more USC stocked the event with plenty of fun that made the 8:00pm-4:00am event endlessly entertaining.  Additionally, an after party that lasted from 3:00am-8:00am at local Seattle club Volume kept the party going well into the morning.

One of our favorite moments of this year’s FreakNight would have to be Dada Life‘s hilariously entertaining set.  The duo dressed themselves in fat chef costumes and bopped around the stage, inviting anyone in a banana costume to join in their fun.  Inflatable bananas and champagne bottles, along with an abundance of energy surged through the crowd.  From ‘Happy Violence’ to their interpretation of Benassi‘s classic ‘Satisfaction‘, the entire venue found themselves doing the Dada.

Tiesto certainly lived up to his name and dragged the crowd alongside him on a roller coaster ride of sound.  He threw tracks such as Delirium‘s ‘Silence’ and Sneaky Sound System‘s ‘I Will Be Here’ and even a remix of Oasis‘Wonderwall’ into the mix.  With almost 15,000 fans packed into the crowd, it surged from the stage, up the bleachers and to the ceiling with an ecstatic, continually dancing audience.  To sum it up, Tiesto was 100% captivating.

On one of the smaller stages, Felix Cartal had the area packed.  With dozens of confetti cannons, fans were caught dancing in a confetti storm of sound.  Felix bopped around blissfully in a Max suit from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and looked like he was having just as much fun as his wild audience.  With confetti constantly swirling around, everyone was happily lost in the moment.

To end the night, Cosmic Gate was the perfect pick.  Their beautiful light sound had the crowd still going into the early hours, with fog cannons blasting and lazer lights flying around.  We couldn’t help but just sit back, rest and let their sound cascade over us.  Perfect, perfect way to end the night.

Be sure to check our more of the fun on USC Event‘s webpage where you will soon be able to find hundreds of photos and videos documenting this epic night!


All we have left to ask is: What did YOU think of FreakNight 2011.  All we can say now is that we are counting down the days to when we can get our tickets to FreakNight 2012.  Enjoy.

-The Usual Suspects

Acoustic Benassi & Gary Go?

…..we think so!

As many of you know, we love ourselves some Benassi.  We have a VERY special treat for you today with a live, acoustic (and not so much) performance of our man Benny Benassi and Gary Go having some fun in the studio with their smash hit ‘Cinema’.  Gary Go‘s voice is lovely to listen to raw, with Benassi standing by on the keyboard.  In true EDM fashion however, the two eventually give in and have an adorable jam session together.

From in your face, bass blasting, all consuming shows to this….we’ll happily take either 🙂


Coldplay remixes have been all the rage lately, something that we find to be completely understandable as Chris Martin‘s vocals are…well, irresistible.  From SHM to Ferry Corsten and our fresh pick this week: Fedde Le Grand.  Fedde dropped his remix of ‘Paradise’ at the recent Nocturnal Wonderland, showing just how perfectly EDM serves to enhance almost any genre of music.  While this is just a sample, we can’t wait til the full version is out, enjoy!

Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix) | Coldplay


Moombahton is a genre that is touch and go for many people, but in recent times it has been on quite the rise!  This is the sound you can’t help but move to.  The future says it all: 108bpm for the win.

Some fun facts about the good ol Moombah:

The original Moombahton tracks feature not only the standard moombahton 108 BPMs but also 1.) chopped vocals, 2.) layered acapellas, 3.) extended and enhanced build-ups, as well as the introduction of 4.) new drums and percussion elements

Renegade Rasta | South Rakkas Crew

Voice Of An Angel

Boasting a Grammy nomination for her song ‘Fantasy‘ (Morgan Page remix), this globally renowned singer/songwriter is just warming up.  Those who have listened to her work can testify that Nadia Ali truly does have the voice of an angel.

Recognized as one of EDM‘s leading ladies, her melodious, elegant vocals have been featured by the likes of Avicii, Alesso and even Armin van Buuren to begin the lengthy list. Though Nadia grew up loving an extensive variety of musical genres, her experiences across the world (born in Libya, moved to Pakistan and then New York in the 1980’s) helped foster her desire to maintain diversity in her collaborations.

‘Rapture’, the haunting track produced as a result of Nadia‘s work with iiO, thrust her to the top of the EDM scene. Her voice quickly because a sound that resonates within each song it is featured in.

Nadia Ali | Rapture (Avicii Remix)

And to think, this is only the beginning framework of Nadia’s career. We have a lot to look forward to with this songstress paving the way for females in the EDM industry.  Here is a little sampler of Nadia Ali.

Nadia Ali | Pressure (Alesso Remix)

Nadia Ali | Fantasy (Tritonal Air Up There Intro Mix)

Spencer Hill ft. Nadia Ali | Believe It (Original Mix)

Armin van Buuren ft. Nadia Ali | Who Is Watching

Nadia Ali ft. Mike Candys | When it Rains

Sultan & Ned Shepard ft. Nadia Ali | Call My Name (Spencer & Hill Remix)