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some know me as electroGIRL. probably because i like to dance on things...

Winter Hunter

Everyone has those tracks.  Hear it once, listen to it 1000+ times, and still you never grow tired of it.  This is one of those tracks.  Haunting vocals, dramatic drop and the perfect flow of sound.  THIS track is one that makes whatever you are doing, wherever that may be absolutely and completely epic.  Go ahead and listen, because ‘Winter Hunter’ refuses to be forgotten.

Stars Come Out

And BOY do they ever…  Check this teaser for Zedd’s killer new track ‘Stars Come Out’ being released through Dim Mak records on November 22nd.  Gorgeous vocals, beautiful drops and bangin bass.


UPDATED: November 22, 2011

The wait is over! If the teaser wasn’t enough for you, then that’s perfect, because it wasn’t enough for us either. Here’s the full version of the song and it’s an incredible track, so make sure to grab it off here and listen.

Grungy Electronic Hypno? Yup.

But seriously.  This track fresh from John Dahlback is so killer, the name speaks for itself. ‘Grunge’ meshes wobbly electro house, heavy buildups and some tweaky hypno into a track we’re sure is going to find its way on to countless set lists this 2012.  Turn it up and ENJOY.

John Dahlback | Grunge (Original Mix)


Halloween has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we do away with the creepy goods.  After much reminiscing about the genres that defined the beginning of EDM, we felt that a genre (though often overlooked) that needs more recognition is HYPNO.  For those of you that haven’t followed hypno before, this song remixed by Armin Van Buuren adequately sums up what we’re getting at.

If you still don’t understand, take a look at some of Benny Benassi‘s olllllddd tracks.  Then you’ll see.  Dark, twisted, creepy tracks should never be underestimated. Our fingers are crossed that hypno creeps back into today’s EDM productions.

Faithless | Im Not Going Home | Armin Van Buuren (Remix)

Benny Benassi | Love Is Gonna Save Us

Even Deadmau5 has caught on…

Deadmau5 | Everything Before

Worlds Apart

I had to post this song/video the moment I found it.  ‘Worlds Apart‘ is absolutely and completely one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a while.  Huge props to tyDi for an amazing start to what is bound to be a promising album.

tyDi:Shooting Stars’ is everything to me. It’s been my dream project for the last two years and words cannot express just how excited I am to see this come to life, finally.”

The video perfectly accompanies the song, catapulting you into a stream of loving memories.

If you want more like this from tyDi‘s dream album ‘Shooting Stars’ check it out on Beatport here:


Aural Psynapse

Finally Deadmau5 has released the rest of an old track that was leaked a while back however was incomplete.

Deadmau5 | Aural Psynapse (2nd Edit)

Now we find some of the good old Deadmau5 channeled into the 8 minute long ‘Aural Psynapse‘.  If you loved ‘Strobe’ or  ‘HR 8938 Cephei’ then this is exactly the dessert you were looking for.