My Guilty Pleasure? Mashups!

My guilty pleasure? I absolutely LOVE mashups.  Nothing is better to crank up on rainy mornings when you have to get up for school or work!

When it comes to mashups no one does it better than 3LAU. Pronounced “BLAU” after Justin Blau, a mashup and house producer from Las Vegas, Nevada.  He is the official house dj for and the buzz on 3LAU is that he is White Panda’s (another well-known mashup artist) biggest competition check out an article about that here.

Check out his WEBSITE

You can download all his tracks for free on his SOUNDCLOUD

And watch his videos on his YouTube channel

Here are some of my favorite tracks off his album Dance Floor Filth:


“Inspired by Rehab [A Tribute to Amy Winehouse]”

“Girls Who Save the World”

“All Night Long”






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